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Introduction to Gmail Interface Compose Email/Select Window Size Reply to Email Archive Email Delete Email/Restore a Deleted Message Navigate to Your Settings Select a Theme Inbox View Options Create a Label Apply Label Colors and Sublabels Assigning Labels Create a Filter (Rule) Search Your Inbox Block Unwanted Messages Labs Overview Enable/Disable Conversation View Enable Offline Gmail Canned Responses Lab

Mobile: Gmail
Android: Introduction to Gmail
Andriod: Composing, Editing, Sending Andriod: Working with the Inbox Andriod: Organizing Your Inbox Andriod: Organizing with Labels Andriod: Searching for Email iOS: Introduction to Gmail iOS: Composing, Editing, Sending iOS: Working with the Inbox iOS: Organizing Your Inbox iOS: Organizing with Labels iOS: Searching for Email


Mobile: Calendar


Hangouts Text Conversations Invite Multiple People to Hangout Turn Hangout history On or Off Archive a Hangout Delete a Hangout Block or Unblock a Person Introduction to Video Hangouts Getting Set Up for a Video Hangout Creating a Video Hangout Add More People to a Video Hangout Using Text Chat in a Video Hangout Mute or Unmute Yourself Share Your Screen Accessing Hangouts for Chrome

Contacts Introduction to Contacts

Add Contacts to a Group

Create a New Contact

Delete a Contact

Import Contacts

Export Contacts

Remove Contacts from a Group

Collaborative Inbox

Introduction to Collaborative Inbox Layout

Assigning Tasks

Creating Categories and Category Groups

Categorizing Tasks

Using Filters and Views

Marking Posts as Completed or Duplicate



Drive Overview Collaborate in Apps Organizing Drive Folders/Files Introduction to Search Search for Specific File Types Offline Access Create a New Folder Upload Files/Folders to Drive Convert Files to Google Format Share a File Track Activity on Files/Folders Add a Shared Folder or File to My Drive Change Notification Settings Clear Drive Space to Increase Storage

Introduction to Slides Interface Introduction to Collaborating in Slides Use Comments Inside a Presentation View Version History and Revert Changes Accepting Questions While Presenting Edit Master Slides and Layouts Insert a Chart from Google Sheets Presentation Hints Slides: Templates


Create a Sheet
Share a sheet
Use comments inside a Sheet
View Version History and Revert Changes
Explore Feature for Data Analysis
Spreadsheet Views
Write Data in a Cell
Conditional Formatting RulesProtect Sheets/Ranges From EditsImport Data Sets and Spreadsheets

Sheets: Templates & the Explore Feature


Sharing Your Doc
Downloading Your Doc
View Version History and Revert Changes
Use Comments Inside a Document
Setting Expiration Dates for Shared Docs
Adjust Page Orientation, Margins, Color and Paper Size
Find and Replace Text
Insert Header and Footer
Insert and Link to Bookmarks
Make a Copy of a Document


What is Google Forms? Introduction to the Forms interface Form Settings View Live Form Changing the theme of a Form Make a Copy of a Form Adding Questions to a Form Using Images in Questions Add Collaborators Send Form via Email View Responses in a Sheet Receive Notifications of Responses Enabling or Disabling User Responses

What is Sites?
Navigate the Sites homepage
Create a new Site
Sharing and Collaborating on Sites
Customizing the themes, fonts, and colors
Add a logo to a Site
Pick a theme
Set the home page for your site

Mobile Content:

Mobile: Docs, Sheets & Slides Google Apps for iOS